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openBVE Update (4) Multiplayer Update

Started by TrainKidKris, October 14, 2016, 01:21:19 am

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Good Day OpenBVE News And Development.
As most of the members know here in this group we have worked hard to fund and try to push this program out we are proud to announce its official release date still December 25 2016. As this is a joy to announce the multiplayer for openbve awaited 5-15 years or more.
The OpenBVE Multiplayer formerly known as Update (4) has had decreased support but with the help and dedication of most and members we thank you for your help and support.
The word has been going around that we are trying to update as much routes as possible and get the training course for our live streams to be most at point.
The routes for OpenBVE will be hopefully updated by this year or if not to the next year. The new routes will come with dispatcher holding lights, and upgraded signals with signal plates for better role play. This will increase our interest in the virtual trainsim.
What is to be expected for multiplayer is the following
**Updated website with run sheets (This is to prevent the I want to go first and constant problems)**
** New User Interface**
**Ability to create and host servers without port forwarding**
**Server Security => Set your own game, Dispatchers and Signaling Way**
**Able to see players with different trains**
**Player Train Resolution/ Stability of the program (Fixing Openbve for the low quality users to play) For Mac Users start investing into a windows computer or learn to do boot camp**
**Control Signals to change aspects,Jump Between Stations,
**Bypassing Administration rights for those who have no access to the admin controls on their computers**
Many more things are to be done for the program before Christmans such as openbve releases on equipment,snow routes, new trains and more. We thank you all for being a member of OBND

For those interested in donating to the project to complete the final everything donate here

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