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OpenBVE News And Development Project Updated June 2016

Started by TrainKidKris, June 10, 2016, 10:06:15 pm

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To everyone in O.B.N.D Community as you may have heard that we are developing many lines and trains such as the IRT and BMT train lines. Our routes are the 4,5,L, R143, R142A and Openbve Update 4 with unreal engine and OpenBVE Multiplayer. Projects are being stopped and going due to many real life responsibilities to do. After awhile without a big update and get easy helping hands on the tools and funding things get harder and harder to do.

The projects are still underway as we are into the programming aspect of OpenBVE and its unlocking potential on Unreal Engine. Once we have reached a certain area on OpenBVE we will be able to exceed the normals of a train simulator to a better Subway Loco Engine Freight real life based where controls are designed to provide a realistic mock imitation of the operations of a train.

Our projects are underway but will require more time until things get settled down with the programming aspect of OpenBVE as said we want to make sure that we can give every bit of great detail of the New York City Area Subway and not limit its performance to a 2001 sim. We thank you for your patient and cooperation.
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