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New York City Subway Route and Train Development May Update!!!!

Started by TrainKidKris, May 09, 2016, 12:07:57 am

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Good day OpenBVE News And Development! It has been awhile since any project updates have been posted for users to see. To get started we are developing for OpenBVE and Railworks. The crew for development is kind of small and will hopefully expand and increase.  For  the group we will be creating some projects at the bottom with the updates for May:

New York City (4) Line to Crown HTS and New Lots Ave: Beams and the completion of Woodlawn is underway

New York City (L) To Canarsie: Due to the L shut down in real life some parts of the L or the line might be suspended until we can retrieve more textures and videos for the route.

New York City (2,5): A work in progress beginning for awhile now. We will hopefully have a small skeleton done by someone else and the rest of the textures and other aspect of the route completed.

R143: Body has begin to take place and shape: Many things have started to begin work. 3D cabin is nearly completed as well as underbody equipment.

R142A: Just started and getting most textures and specs ready for development and beta testing
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