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New York City (L)enny Line Updates

Started by TrainKidKris, March 20, 2016, 10:33:47 pm

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So working on the NYCT L maybe the most hardest project to do since I have many things that I have to do and other things that I want to do as well it isnt that easy. BVE development takes time in my opinion for research and development. The line has been worked on since 2013-2014 and still is being developed, while other people complain about the line being to detailed I continue to make it detailed because if you can't play GTA V on a windows 95 pc you wouldn't buy it and waste money. But why should you do it in Openbve and give developers a hard time. This L Line right here is the OBND Official Lenny because it took hours more that 500 Hours in total to build this line with dedication to bring the realism out into Openbve. While others complain this project will still be released. While others try to develop another version, this will still be released with Bigger and Better updates.

So without further hesitation I present to you the nearly finished 6th Ave with the Updated walls and stairs for the 6th Ave Portion. This will probably be the last few screen shots for L in 6th Ave as I will be moving towards the 14th Street station and the last 2 3rd and 1st Avenue.

!!!!Remember!!!![So I hope you enjoy these updates and you must be signed in to see the photos until we fix the forums so thanks for reading]
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