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Openbve News And Development Official Projects

Started by TrainKidKris, March 01, 2016, 01:48:59 am

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As you all may have known why OBND was created which was to end the bullying and harassment in different groups and make our own city and prosper. Although it had some problems here and there we are still doing Project Rejuvenation. Project Rejuvenation is a way of getting all the important things for the group done faster, cost effective and at a great rate than from before when things were going in and out and all over the place.

But the Openbve News And Development Official Projects for this Year of 2016 includes the following subject to change/edits.

1.New York City Transit Openbve L.
2.Long Island Rail Road (Railworks)
3.New York City Transit Openbve 4
4.New York City Transit Openbve Advanced R143
5.New York City Transit Openbve Shuttle's
6.Openbve Update (4) + Unreal Engine And Multiplayer
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