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New route for openBVE

Started by Milespot47, April 08, 2019, 11:17:43 am

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Hi guys!

I have a 10-year BVE experience.

All that time I wanted to create own route. The only tutorial is posted on BVE2 official page, based on manual coding .csv files. But I would like to make a better route with possible compatibility with multiplayer. It means that the opposite lane and junctions also should be added.

How can I do this?


Hi and thanks for posting on the forums. When it comes to openbve development we do it via csv coding in which you are correct. However with multiplayer compatibility it means that you need to make sure your signaling and tracks are designed and built properly. With signals some signals on the multiplayer from what we tested, doesnt work as designed and required more work on our side to ensure that you can use them without isssue. Now towards the building of a route you need to make sure you have a plan, designs, pictures and drawing with references to what your building. You can check the wiki.bvestation.com for more information if your having trouble and ask our Facebook group for more information on development tips. However we wont build you a route but expect to learn and ask questions.
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