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OBND 4th Party Developers

Started by TrainKidKris, March 10, 2016, 01:30:14 am

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Dear All Openbve Developers: Those who were with Openbve News And Development group, you know here on the page we Strive tremendously for greatness in all of our routes, trains and sounds. Our major thing is that we provide a decent and up to date train simulator with the best equipment we have to offer.

For all 4th party developers: OBND doesn't want to fully be engulfed into your projects or want to host your projects under certain circumstances. 4th Party developers are those involved with outside developers on their own creating work with them. All OBND Projects are the official projects from the group unless notified with special instructions and details on whats going on. Other developers include those who have major issues with the group, caused past problems from 2014 and to the current day. Those who are trying to become a 3rd Party developer contact the group via email at bvedevelopment@gmail.com for bve routes and rolling stock.

OBND has reserved the right to test certain routes and trains before their released onto the site for many users. 4th party developers be aware we aren't supporting or enforcing your products but will be happy to slightly assist you in some help of work. If you think you have been mistaken for a 4th Party, contact us with the email provided. Thank you
Leader Of Openbve News And Development